Commitment – Deseret Laboratories, Inc.

The Deseret Commitment to You


Deseret Laboratories is a privately held company which was founded upon the belief that to endure, every long-term business relationship must be established upon a foundation of mutual respect and trust through which a true win-win outcome may be achieved by all parties. You have our commitment that your intellectual properties will be protected and that Deseret will deliver your product to you in a form that will meet or exceed the specifications agreed upon with you in our manufacturing agreement.


At Deseret Laboratories, we recognize that the quality of the products that you sell has a direct impact on the repeat sales that you earn from each customer. You have our commitment that we will provide you and your customers with product that is consistently among the highest quality in the industry. A high level of vigilance is maintained by our trained quality engineers to ensure that our operations fully comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices. DLI is an FDA audited and compliant facility for both Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals and is NSF, Kosher and Halal certified.


Whether you have need for high-shear granulation, fluid-bed granulation, instatization, microencapsulating, blending, tablets, tablet coating, capsules, vertical form and fill pouches, powder-filled packets, tablet-filled packets, liquid filling, solid dose bottling, powder bottling, controlled effervescent production or cartonning, we invite you to let Deseret’s experienced team of professionals impress you with its capabilities. You have our commitment that we will continue to grow our capabilities in order to ensure that our growth keeps up with yours.


At Deseret, we believe that true value to you, the customer, comes about when there is a proper balance achieved between service, quality and price. Rigid controls of our overhead and production costs, conservative margins and favorable economic and geographical environments allow us to offer you the best value available in the industry. Our commitment to you is that we will not sacrifice the quality that you deserve and expect to be built into your product to give you an artificially low price. We are sure you will come to agree that the service, quality and price you receive from Deseret will give you the long lasting value that you need to support your business model.


For over 30 years, Deseret has built its business by responding to the needs and requests of its customers. As a result, we are able to offer you a 130,000 square foot full-service contract manufacturing facility that is uniquely suited to meet your every need for product. Located in scenic St. George, UT, DLI has a highly-skilled team of Research and Development scientists to help you bring your product to market through every stage of the development process. We invite you to join us in our facilities during the development or IT transfer stages of your product to ensure that your vision for the product is carried through to the finished product that is presented to you customers.

Our Fluid-Bed and High-Shear granulators are capable of producing in excess of 500,000 kg of granulation per month. DLI’s climatically controlled Compression suites have a combined average monthly output capacity of nearly 300 million tablets and 100 million capsules. Support for these systems is supplied by state-of-the-art Pharmacy, Blending and Coating suites. Through our automated bottling lines, we are capable of delivering up to 3.6 million bottles of product per month. If you need Vertical Form and Fill, Liquid filling, Powder filling, or Packetting services, you need look no further than DLI.

Deseret is also uniquely equipped with effervescent technology that you will find unique and fascinating.

Deseret Laboratories is committed to take care of your needs.